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Join us this Summer!


We offer a variety of workshops and activities for kids ages 6-12. Using art


Vancouver, Canada

We offer summer art programming from July to August in Metro Vancouver.

All programs will take place at Mount Pleasant Neighborhood House.

800 East Broadway Avenue Vancouver BC V5T 1Y1


Summer 2017

We have different options for summer programming to suit you and your schedule.

More options coming- email for details!

They are as follows:

Option 1:

2 week Intensive

July 3rd-14th



Option 2:

Weekend workshop

July 22nd-23rd


Option 3:

Full camp

August 2nd- 31st

(Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays)


Each day runs from 9am - 3pm


Children ages 6-12

Our programming is for children ages 6-12.

We love working with creatively inclined kids, but it is also important for us to work with kids who may not fit into a regular classroom, who have special interests, curiosities or passions that don't often get addressed at their school.

We pride ourselves on establishing a sense of community where all kids are welcome and where their individual personalities are nourished.

We keep our classes small so that each student can get the attention he or she deserves.

It is also important to meet all of our students before the session begins and get to know our tiny artists and what they're most excited about.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is food included?

Food is not included unless specified in the program description. So send your kids to us with a nice healthy lunch that they can enjoy over our lunch break.

Why are we different than other art camps?

We are a lot more than just an art camp, we are a transformational experience.

Not only are our students provided with the access to art materials and an opportunity to create, but we pair their creative explorations with developing life skills.

Each child will start their experience with a one on one session where we really get to know them prior to the sessions start date. It's important for us to know as much as we can about your kid so we can deliver the most personalized and customized program. From there they are supported in understanding themselves better and building confidence in their unique gifts.

The other element that makes our program unlike any other is that each child who is enrolled in our program makes it possible for another child in the developing world to have access to the same program for free.

This makes our students conscious and compassionate global citizens.

Lastly- the fun doesn't end when the session is over! We provide an online community to stay connected with updates, activities and more!

My kid is really shy, but I want to try to send him/ her anyway, is this okay?

Before our sessions start we make it a point of meeting with you and your kid, we want to understand your kid and to get to know each other. We want your child to feel completely at ease with us so they can grow and evolve. We do everything we can to make sure to create a sense of community and support amongst students and their peers.

Should we come with our own materials?

We will provide all materials needed. Each child will get their own sketchbook for all of their ideas and thoughts.

What if my kid isn't artistically inclined?

We sincerely believe that all children are artists. Someone doesn't have to draw well to be an artist. They just need to be human. 

We have a way of finding the interests of each child and diving deep into creative exploration with them. And if they don't know what they love, we will help them find it!

Are all age groups together?

Yes! We work with the concept of an open studio where kids have the independence to work alone or in collaboration with other kids.

We know how effective it is when older kids help younger kids out (or vice versa).

It's when the best kind of learning occurs!

Do you offer pick ups or drop offs?

Unfortunately we can't provide pick ups or drop offs, but we would be happy to help you find other parents in your area to organize a carpool.

And as always- if you have any questions or concerns- don't hesitate to get in touch!

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