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Indolent lovers of change


Imaginal cells exist in the body of a caterpillar. They hold the capacity to transform the caterpillar from wriggling insect into goo and then into a butterfly. In the life of the caterpillar these cells are quiescent and then awakened during the end of its larval phase. They become antennae, wings and the necessary parts for the caterpillar to become a butterfly and to inevitably take flight.

In the human body we carry our imagination, the organ which permits transmutation of internal spiritual states to external matter. These are our imaginal cells, they are the carriers of our potential, our dreams. What we imagine matters, what we can imagine we can create. This work is an exploration of what it means to be an Imaginal, to hold the potential for world transmutation.

To be with the imagination is to connect to the most inherent pleasure filled part of ourselves. It is not laborious. The colorful ribbon is a somatic representation of imagining; tendrils reach out of the head and into the ether. This is a series of portraits, the body of an imaginal, carrying the possibility for world transmutation, through the skull and beyond.

Indolent lovers of change2.jpeg
Indolent lovers of change1.jpeg
Indolent lovers of change4.jpeg
Indolent lovers of change5.jpeg
Indolent lovers of change3.jpeg
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