Artist Statement

My work is committed to challenging notions of the body and probing the depths of human life. Some of the ideas that I am interested in exploring are; bodies in space, female embodiment, the relationship of vulnerable bodies and the places they inhabit ,the intricacies of identity and costuming, the role of motion and movement in the experience of our bodies, the mythological and imagined, the playful and the funny. 

My work is an ongoing practice of creation, collaboration, engagement and education.   I am committed to finding ways of expression for myself and for others, to bring voice and imagination to create the world that we want to be a part of. Together, we make what we most need to find.

Katy Slany

Born in Canada

Lives & works between Vancouver, Canada and Kingston, Jamaica.


I'm an artist, maker, performer, explorer, collaborator, educator, mover, writer and huntress of all things magical .