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Sea stained and bearing salt


“I want to explain why women weep, it is the quickest way to rejoin the ocean”, said Anais Nin. The ocean reflects sensuality and is a life giving force, it is powerful and at times destructive.This work came out of an exploration of holding this tension in our bodies, what it could mean to be both whore and homemaker.  It is composed of found elements that were brought together to create a narrative depicting the physical experience and embodiment of a woman’s life. The original garment was a silk wedding dress which was manipulated into a sculpture and filled with found remnants of a party (tinsel, glitter, streamers). It is a response to  societal expectations placed on a woman’s body, for marriage, childbirth and beyond. The dress holds the possibility of all the dreams that house one life.

Sea-stained and bearing salt.jpg
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