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The Imagination Project


The Imagination Project was created in response to traditional models of education which have been exclusionary and oppressive for many. 

The concept behind this work is informed by the teachings of bell hooks, Paulo Freire and Augusto Boal as well as the Unschooling movement. The work functions as a malleable container for the imagination, for sustained expansiveness and curiosity. As adults we often embark on the arduous process of unlearning, to dismantle the systems of oppression which have so often robbed us of the depth and fertility of our most important resource; our imagination.

The imagination project was created so that unlearning would not be necessary for future generations and with the set of tools provided within this container that we can at the very least critically engage with these systems and begin to collectively reimagine what is possible for a more fulfilled existence.

This project has taken on many forms over the years and it has fit into many contexts.  This has included weekly gatherings of learners and youth from downtown Kingston’s neighborhood of Parade Gardens and surrounding areas in partnership with RISE, a series of workshops and a culminating gallery show in Vancouver in partnership with Artstarts and Pattern Nation and local artists and dancers, and weekly Zoom gatherings during the pandemic in partnership with Getting Free an organization supporting the liberation of women and non binary people especially those who are parents.

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