Who are we?
Founder of The Imagination Project, Katy Slany is an artist, educator and magic seeker. 
As an artist and teacher she has seen how creativity builds confidence and makes children powerful. 
Katy has experience teaching over 100 children in a variety of settings. She also has a background in classical music, theatre, movement, yoga and visual art.  She is passionate about sharing creativity and art making, developing the imagination and exploring the self. 
What do we believe?

We believe that art makes us POWERFUL.

Our imagination is our super power.

That creativity is a strength that must be nurtured in children and revived in adults.

We believe that creativity builds confidence

and finally...

We believe that everyone, no matter who you are or where you come from- deserves access to art making.

What do we do?

We offer resources for both children and adults to encourage creativity, nourish the imagination and facilitate art making.

We run a free art education program for kids in the inner city community of downtown Kingston.

We facilitate an international online community to share art work, discuss process and practice and support one another in enriching our lives through creativity.

Who is it for?
The Imagination Project is for anyone interested in bringing more creativity into their lives. We want to help you build confidence through creativity and use art as a tool of empowerment.
Our resources are for parents, home learners, educators or adults who might want to dive back into their creative self.
 If you believe that creativity and art making could make you a better human then The Imagination Project is for you!

The Imagination Project

The Imagination Project is important to us for many reasons; the most important being the communities and unique individuals that we serve. 
Studies have shown that art education dramatically improves academic success. Art also allows us to nurture diversity as individuals and establish a connection to our cultural context. Now more than ever art and creativity is essential in promoting adaptability and critical thinking. In a world saturated with media it is imperative that we teach our children and remember as adults to think for ourselves. At The Imagination Project our primary goal is to foster confidence and empowerment through art making. 

We must make what we most need to find

~Sabrina Ward Harrison