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Join us at The Imagination Project and become part of an international movement of families who are rethinking education.

Choose whether you want the Superpower kit or the Imagination Kit or both!

Each kit comes with the option of a yearly subscription (receive 1 module per month) OR choose the individual modules that excite you an your kid most.

See details below.

The Imagination Kit is designed to teach kids life skills that will help them navigate the world successfully. We also use art as a tool for engagement to help aid kids connect their inner world with their environment.

Helping you raise compassionate, confident kids

What's in the Imagination Kit?

For parents or educators who are interested in using art as a tool for helping their kids to learn critical and creative thinking skills. This kit aims to introduce kids (and their adults!) to concepts of contemporary art and inspire them to create their own works of art.


-Meditation audio to help kids get in a creative space

- Lessons to help kids understand art making

-Art prompts to help kids start to explore their own creativity

your imagination kit might look something like this!

What's included in a superpower kit?

Included in each module is:


Learning: a short workbook focused on an individual superpower including questions, explanations and a daily challenge.

Example: a small story about our friendly meerkat pal, Minku who helps to illustrate the superpower.

Activity: This will be a small activity for kids (and parents) to get out into the world and practice their new superpower.

your superhero kit will look something like this

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