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Why it's important to believe in Magic

What does art have to do with magic you might ask?

To me, art has everything to do with magic, and in some ways it IS magic.

First, let's define what "Magic" means in this context.

It's not stage magic, the kind you see magicians doing; like pulling a bunny out of a hat.

Instead this kind of magic is really another name for possibility.

With magic the edge of what we have been told to be true starts to become blurred.

Magic is believing that anything is possible, even ideas or concepts that betray physics.

As artists, some of us seek to defy logic in our practice.

It's more interesting and fun to believe in the possibility of what we know of the world to be false. There's more room for our imagination to roam, to fill in the blanks or even to create a world that we would rather live in.

I've always been obsessed with this idea of questioning reality, ever since I was a kid and tried to fly. I didn't succeed, but the romance of the idea that MAYBE I could fly, if I approached it in just the right way still enamors me.

Magic captures our imagination, it allows us to take down the limitations of what is possible, what we think we can do and let's us think like kids again without the weight of concrete certainty.

Believing in magic also expands our experience of living in the world- what IF faeries existed or we could walk through walls or shift our experience of time?

Then sometimes the what if becomes maybe it's possible.

With magic we can be inventors and believers and take part in constructing a world of our own choosing rather than buckling under the weight of what already is.

When you believe in magic it brings you to a place where virtually anything is possible.

We can make changes in our lives, we can achieve things we never thought was possible, we can start a completely new story of our lives.

We can start shifting negative beliefs systems, alter expectations of what the world has to offer us.

The possibilities are endless...

I challenge you to shift your perspective on what you think is possible in the world, in your life, in your experience of living.

What if just for a day or even a moment you believed in something different, a new story, a new situation?

How does it feel to be able to shift your view on reality?

What if you shifted your idea of what you were capable of?

What if you believed that you could achieve anything?

That's when magic starts to happen.

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