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August 11, 2017

A previous post I wrote about people labeling themselves as non artists made me want to share something about my own story that is relevant. Something I'm a little afraid to admit.

I can't draw, or paint.

To be clear- I know how to draw (and paint). At one point in my li...

August 4, 2017

I was out and about in the world the other day, when a lightning bolt of inspiration hit me. I felt weak at the knees, giddy with excitement, my fingers itching to get to work immediately, my mind racing with planning, I needed to take some measurements, gather my mate...

July 21, 2017

These days because of constant technological saturation we rarely get the chance to feel boredom.

The first thing we do when we feel a sense of boredom coming on is look at our phone or another device. 

We tend to want to avoid any sense of boredom like the plague.

We are...

July 11, 2017

The Imagination Project recently had the opportunity to work with local Mindfulness training program Mindful Changes. The goal was to introduce pre-teens to Mindfulness practices and art making tools and the result was a beautiful blend of thoughtful and conscious acti...

July 6, 2017

Anytime I tell people what I do they there are usually two kind of responses.

One response is usually the kind that comes from a fellow creative, someone who is also an artist or musician or has some experience being creative.  It can be encouraging, or engaged or excit...

June 29, 2017

As I was growing up anytime my siblings and I ever said "I'm bored" the expected response was "Only boring people get bored." This became a challenge- let's see how un-boring we can be!

Our tried and true method of entertainment was almost aways our imagination.

We didn'...

June 2, 2017

What does art have to do with magic you might ask? 

To me, art has everything to do with magic, and in some ways it IS magic.

First, let's define what "Magic" means in this context.

It's not stage magic, the kind you see magicians doing; like pulling a bunny out of a hat.


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November 18, 2017

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