What our students are saying

"I felt a little bit weird when I started (the program) but now I feel a little bit stronger. My favorite thing I learned was using my imagination.

I learned that you can imagine things and you can do it yourself without anybody helping you."

Kemari, 8

"I feel comfortable and relaxed when we exercise.

I feel like I grew up and learned everything. My imagination leads me to a better education and helps me to travel all over the world."

Nashawna, 8

"I have learned that I’m not supposed to be selfish."

Mischa, 9

"I learned to use my imagination by staying calm. Your imagination makes you draw the thing that you want to draw. Your imagination makes you learn and makes you draw the superhero that you want to draw.

I learned when we are mad we should breathe. We should be kind and friendly and not curse our friends. I feel calmer, friendlier and nice."

Shane, 8

"When I draw I feel good and different and when I exercise I feel happy."

David, 10

"I feel happiness in my heart and I feel healthy when I walk to class in the morning. When I draw I feel expressed. I draw happy things on the paper.

What I learned about myself is that I can draw. I learned to use my imagination by breathing and by closing my eyes and seeing all the things I can see."

Oryan, 12

The Imagination Project is working in partnership with RISE life management services. 

Our pilot program will run downtown Kingston, Jamaica until June 2018.

Our class meets weekly and introduces participants to art making techniques and life skills that will help them to to build confidence and become creative leaders in their community.